Scott Keever is a composer who, over the last twenty years, has had experience in a wide variety of styles, from orchestral to jazz to Americana to electronic. He has focused on ethnic/world folk music in his work, wherein he has specialized in Irish/Celtic, North African, Eastern European and Middle Eastern styles.

Since 2002, under Human Soundtrack Productions, Scott has composed music for radio (KFAI news – 90.3FM Minneapolis), theatre (Cromulent Shakespeare Company), short films (Killing Joke Productions), podcasts (Burn and Brew), and feature length documentaries (Silo Way Films). He has been a music director/arranger for Brave New Workshop (comedy improv), Idiot Box (multi-media sketch comedy) and Blue Umbrella Productions (musical theatre).

In 2012, as a member of Balkan/Eastern European ensemble Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI), Scott won the Emerging Composers Award from the American Composers Forum. The ACF award inspired the OBI album “Unveiled – Live At The Celtic Junction” (2014), for which Scott contributed two pieces. He has produced a full-length solo album “Salieri’s Revenge” (2010) featuring his electro-acoustic compositions.


Future Nostalgia” (short film), Andy Dayton, MNKINO (2015)
Paperclip” (short film), Flight Creative Media, YAFI Underground, 4 Squares Productions (2014)
Your Blind Side” (short film), Killing Joke Productions (2014)
Here’s To Old Friends” (short film), Killing Joke Productions (2014)
Flash Freeze” (short film), Head Feathers Only LLC (2014)
Go Home” (short film), 77 Film Productions (2014)
Twisted Sister” (short film), Killing Joke Productions (2013)
A Method” (feature film), Killing Joke Productions (2013)
Finnigan’s War” (documentary), Silo Productions (2013) Narrated by Mark Hamill
Three Bullets” (short film), Three Bullet Productions (2011)
The Curse of Yig” (short film), Killing Joke Productions (2011)
Fall of the House of Usher” (short film) directed by James Sibley Watson Jr. and Melville Webber (1928), Soundtrack composed by Scott Keever (2009)


CONLink theme (promo)” CONvergence (sci-fi convention), Bloomington, MN (2018)
CGV-TV (promo)” CONvergence (sci-fi convention), Bloomington, MN (2008)
Promotional video (SaraCura)”, TW Video Services, Minneapolis, MN (2008)


Black Death: The Musical”, Apostasia Productions (music theater), Minneapolis, MN (2016)
Crayola’s Revenge”, Jena Young (dance), Fringe Festival, Minneapolis, MN (2013)
Smother’s Brothers Grimm”, Comedy Suitcase (comedy theatre), Minneapolis, MN (2011)
A Cynic Tells Love Stories”, Katherine Glover (storytelling), Minneapolis MN (2009)
Titus Andronicus”, Cromulent Shakespeare Company, Minneapolis MN (2007)
Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril”, Pauper’s Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (2006)


Indie Twin Cities” (podcast documentary) Minneapolis, MN (2012)
Burn and Brew” (audio podcast) Minneapolis, MN (2012)
Microscopic Life” (podcast documentary), LBS Productions Minneapolis, MN (2008)
KFAI News Program (89.3FM), Minneapolis MN (2005)